A great place for lunch

Walk from deiMori in Via Dante Alighieri (make a right out of the front door) walk about 20 metres and take the first right into Via Cerchi and walk to the end where you face a shop called Matucci.  Turn left and immediately right into Via Santa Elisabetta and about 100 metres down on the left you will see USCIOEBOTTEGA at 9 red/rosso.

There you will find a simple yet quite splendid lunch where they really ‘know about food’ and ‘are feeders’.  Italian food is all about the quality of ingredients and here they source from all over Italy (and of course particularly Tuscany) taking only the best salumi, cheeses, salads, vegetables and wine and then prepare and cook freshly and simply.

It is the bread which fascinated me – wonderful varieties and types from all over the country.  Smiling faces behind the bar will prepare just for you and the whole thing is a memorable ‘moment’.

The place is decorated in a tasteful yet rustic way and they are open  every day for lunch, the afternoon and aperitif time.

Give it a try – I was so impressed.

Their telephone number is +39 055 267 0452 and they can also be contacted by email

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