We have run DeiMori La Massa since 2002 and DeiMori Bed and Breakfast in Florence since 1996.  During this time we have met thousands of satisfied guests.  Our aim is to advise and support in a helpful yet unobtrusive way in the hope that travelers can gain the most from this most beautiful and fascinating of regions.

We have spent time gaining information and we present some of this for you in the hope that it will aid your planning and will enhance your stay in our part of the world.

Every effort is made to ensure that this information is accurate and up to date, but it is up to the reader to validate the details displayed on this site.   Please enjoy, look at the pictures, try the recipes and know that all has been created and developed with a love for Tuscany.

We welcome contributions, please feel free to send us your ideas and thoughts.

With our very best wishes to you.

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