Two Weeks in Tuscany Danny’s Tiramisu DeiMori

Danny’s Tiramisu DeiMori

This is party food for Danny and something that he loves to make and it is truly delicious.

The following recipe is exactly as written by him and as it has been forwarded to DeiMori guests for years:

Tiramisu’ alla  ‘Dei Mori ‘

five eggs
five/six  spoonful of sugar
250gr  of  MASCARPONE cheese
150gr of SAVOIARDI biscuits (  LADYFINGER !!)

Beat egg-whites until they form clouds.

Mix the yolks with the sugar ( slowly ) and add the MASCARPONE mixing slowly slowly  when ready put the SNOW  and mix …. more slowly than before !!

Put the NESCAFE powder into a bowl with three cups of cold water and three spoon of sugar and mix them.

Wet every biscuit into the coffee ( not too much ) and make the first level on the service bowl , than the  second level with the MASCARPONE/MIXED and so on …… at ‘Dei Mori’ we put some NESCAFE powder for to give a dark-brown color and a bitter taste at the top.

Put the bowl ( covered ) into the refrigerator and leave it there ( if you can !!! ) for a few hours .

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