Two Weeks in Tuscany La Massa Chocolate Pots

La Massa Chocolate Pots

These are an incredibly easy desert and are made by gently heating 250ml of cream (not thick cream – what is known as ‘single’ in the UK or ‘light’ in the USA.  Once this has just reached boiling point, pour it into a food processor and add 175 grams of good chocolate with a minimum 70% cocoa solids, allowing the heat of the cream to melt this.  Once it is melted, process at medium speed and drop just one whole egg into the mixture.  I pour it into coffee cups for serving – it is very rich, so a small potion is quite sufficient.  As it is so ‘decadent’ it is good served with some sort of ‘tart’ fruit such as strawberries, or raspberries etc.  Serve it in the cup and saucer – it looks and tastes very impressive.

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