Two Weeks in Tuscany Travelling to Florence from Pisa Airport

Travelling to Florence from Pisa Airport

There are four ways to travel directly to Florence when using Public Transport and these are as follows:

  1. By train using the italian Network Trenitalia – this is fast and at ime of writing the second class fare (don’t bother with first) is €7.10.  The trains are not the beautiful High Speed examples, but ‘Regionale’ and are fine.
  2. By coach using either terravision or autostradale.  Both these companies are cheaper if you book on line.  I prefer to keep my options open and pay the two or three euro more and have the flexibility to get the most convenient bus depending on the punctuality of my flight.
  3. By taxi –  very expensive, just when you are absolutely desperate.

When I fly, I do a bit of homework before I leave and write down all the possible options and times.  I can then easily see the ‘best bet’ on arrival and waste no time.

Pisa airport has a station right outside the terminal building and from there the journey time to Florence is just over one hour with the cost being under 8.00€.  Further trains run from Pisa Main Station and this can be reached by a regular bus service which runs from the airport.  Bus and train tickets can be bought at the airport – turn right as you come out of arrivals and there is a window on the end wall which says ‘treno’.  In addition, there is a ticket machine near to the platform.  To reach the train platforms, walk the full length of the terminal building and exit through the doors facing you.  The trains wait right there – do not forget to cancel your ticket in the machines on the platform – these machines are rather small, generally yellow.  If you forget to cancel your tickets, clearly write in pen the date and time on the short edge of the ticket and claim that the machine would not work.

Get off the train at the Florence Main Station Firenze – Santa Maria Novella (SMN).

The trains direct from the airport to Florence are somewhat infrequent and you get a much wider choice from Pisa Train Station.  Not so far away but not an easy walk – you can either take the shuttle bus (tickets from the driver) or a taxi to Pisa Centrale.  There is a tickets Office there and of course machines which take both cash and credit cards.  The journey time to Florence does vary so look for a train which completes in maybe 75 minutes maximum.  Often a later departing train will arrive at Florence before one scheduled earlier.

When you get on the train at Pisa remember that Florence is a terminus station so getting in right at the front of the train means a shorter walk in Florence (and a hopefully a less crowded journey as most people herd to the mid part)

There is also a useful bus company running regular and comfortable coaches between Pisa Airport and Florence SMN train station.  The company is called Terravision and the website is listed below.

An additional bus company which I prefer (please do not ask me why) is called autostradale .

If you are arriving on one of the flights later in the evening or departing early in the morning we consider it essential to reserve seats on terravision bus on the internet.

All the major car hire outlets are situated in the arrivals hall.  Can be a mess there at busy times, get ahead of the queue and one walk rather than wait for the shuttle bus and take a number when you get in to organise your turn.

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