Two Weeks in Tuscany Danny’s Carbonara

Danny’s Carbonara

For years, people who have stayed at both DeiMori in Florence and at La Massa in Tuscany have enjoyed one of Danny’s

Carbonaras.  These pasta suppers have often been impromptu affairs, done on the spur of the moment when the always generous Danny has felt particularly so.  He likes nothing better than to whisk up one of his pasta carbonaras and share it with his guests.  They in turn love the experience and the recipe which follows has, I am sure, been replicated all around the world.

Many carbonaras tend to be smothered in loads of cream and Parmesan cheese, but this one succeeds with its simplicity and dignity – just a very few very natural ingredients.

For two people you will need:

  • two eggs (1 whole and one only the yolk) – of course, only eggs from hens which enjoy a happy life.
  • one vegetable stock cube – get a decent quality one.
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil ( if you prefer 25grams of butter).
  • 50gr  of smoked bacon – you can use the English rashers chopped up or perhaps better still use the Italian cubes of pancetta.
  • Freshly ground black pepper  ( say half teaspoon at least).
  • 200 grams of spaghetti or fusilli ( if like Peter you prefer short pasta).
  • 2 litres of salted boiling water.


  • Mix the oil (butter), the eggs and  the pepper all together into the serving bowl  – beat and amalgamate the ingredients very  well.
  • Fry the bacon cubes in a little olive oil until they are cooked to your taste – I always like them very crispy.
  • Cook  the pasta in the  salted water  for as many minutes as the manufacturer  recommends on the outside of the pack -it has to be al dente!
  • When the pasta is cooked do not drain it too much, put it into the bowl and mix it immediately – avoiding  a scramble eggs effect –  at the end put the cooked bacon on top.
  • Serve and EAT immediately because it gets glue-like when its cold.
  • You cannot increase all the quantities in a proportional way according to the number of people  – that is the problem and the SPECIAL-TOUCH  (try and try and try again … with your poor guests !!! )

Enjoy the experience and certainly go easy with the Parmesan

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