Two Weeks in Tuscany Home made Pasta

Home made Pasta

Ingredients – sufficient for three to four people:

200 grams of type ‘0’ flour – this is available in supermarkets
2 good eggs – you really need eggs with good coloured yolks – preferably free range
A little salt.


On a large board or clean surface, tip the flour and ‘make a nest’ into which you crack the two eggs.
Carefully with a fork, incorporate the flour into the egg and work the mixture into a ball – this might take some time.
Once this is done, allow the dough to rest by placing it in a plastic bag and putting it in the refrigerator.  Leave it for perhaps half and hour to an hour.

After this time, get it put and lightly flour the board or work surface.  Using a large rolling pin, keep rolling it out until it is about 2 or 3 mm thick – keep rotating the pasta through 90 degrees to keep it roughly circular.  Keep the rolling pin well floured.

Once it is to size and thickness, roll it loosely into a ‘sausage’ and then taking a sharpish knife, cut it into strips about a centimetre wide.  Once this is all done then using the fingers, lightly toss the strips of pasta open and flick them to separate the strands.

Leave it to dry for a few hours and then boil in salted water until it floats to that surface.  This indicates that it is cooked.

Serve it with a sauce of your choice.

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