Two Weeks in Tuscany Gnocchi di Patate:

Gnocchi di Patate:

Ingredients – to serve about four people:

Ikg of good potatoes
One egg
Flour type ‘0’ (this is quite readily available in a decent supermarket)


Clean the potatoes, cut away any damaged part but there is no need to peel.

Boil them until they are well (but not over) cooked and get the skins off.
Using any sort of potato mashed reduce them to crumbs.
Mix in flour and an egg and achieve a sort of bread dough consistency.
Using you hands, roll into a sausage about 15mm wide.
Cut into little pillow shapes and Roll in flour.

To cook, put into fast boiling  salted water and cook until they float to the surface.  Then continue for one minute exactly.

Serve with a sauce of choice – typically:

Butter and sage

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