Two Weeks in Tuscany Train Travel ‘On the Cheap’

Train Travel ‘On the Cheap’

Train travel in Italy can be  fast,  reliable and  even cheap.  As described elsewhere, you can save money by taking Intercity or Regional trains which offer a slower (often very much slower) way of reaching a destination with much less cost.

There is a way of booking the beautiful fast and comfortable ‘Alta Velocita’ trains with a considerable saving.

The steps to do this are listed below:

  1. Register yourself with Trenitalia – click this will lead you to a registration site and will open in a new window
  2. Once registered, click this link to visit website of trenitalia – alternatively visit – click English option
  3. Book early – the earlier you book, the better the fare, although cheap fares are not issued well into the future.
  4. Make your journey choice, date, time, route etc – decide if single or return – the site is well designed and intuitive.
  5. You will be given train options – remember ESAV are the ones to go for – you can navigate earlier or later
  6. Make your selection over to the right – click the train you want.
  7. You will then see a list of fare options – there is a link to ‘more info’ which will clearly describe fare conditions.
  8. Select the one you want, remembering the cheapest might not always be the best for you.
  9. Reservations on these trains is mandatory and you are given options as to where you may want to sit – window or aisle etc.
  10. Proceed through to buying your ticket – you will need to give credit card details onto the secure site
  11. This link will give information about ticket delivery (and lots of other information).  I personally always opt for ‘ticket-less’.

Good luck and tell me how you get on.  Give me feedback (particularly if you find inaccuracies or broken links) – write to Danny.

As always, we appreciate feedback and please send a comment to this site.  It is really important for you to help us and others if you find a ‘better way’ or another cost saving idea.

Please be aware that this information is believed to be correct at the time of writing, but it is up to you, the reader, to validate the accuracy of this content.

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