Two Weeks in Tuscany Car Parking in Florence

Car Parking in Florence

At the outset, we must tell you that DeiMori has a great location in the pedestrianised heart of the city.  It is quite illegal for you to bring your car to our front door and you would become liable for some traffic violation fines.  The central area is covered by cameras with optical recognition systems and your presence is noted.

The good side of this is we have no traffic noise and you can walk freely and enjoy the city.

You can appreciate that driving  in a 15th Century City it is not something to recommend so therefore try to take the easier option and according to your point of access to the City please try to leave the car as soon as you can : you shouldn’t need the car staying with us in the middle of the pedestrian area of the Florence.

There are private garages within 10 minutes minutes walk away.
There are other more reasonable parking opportunities a taxi or bus rides away.
There are free parking spaces outside the centre around the major avenues and on Piazzale Michelangelo.

The Bargello Garage is the private garage nearest to us ,  it is just two minutes walk far from here in Via Ghibellina 170/red and costs from 25Euro per night depending on the size of the car . They close only on Sunday for a lunch break from Noon to 3PM .

Public garages are   (    we can recommend :
1) The Park&Ride garages are the cheapest and for long stay are the one we recommend , particularly if you are driving from or to Rome or Siena .   The best is inVIALE EUROPA near to the VW car dealer.  From there you need to catch the citibus #23 which has got a stop just outside the gate or you might prefer to call for a taxi ( about 15Euro ride 5 minutes )
2)  The PARTERRE   to the North of the centre near Piazza Della Liberta’ a Circle which is on the Avenues around the centre of Florence; that costs is about 18Euro per day ( You’ve got the  web-page on your confirmation letter ).
3) The SANT’AMBROGIO and BECCARIA  East of the centre between Beccaria Circle and the Sant’Ambrogio market – this two has got no special discount for tourists and the cost is  1Euro per hours.
4) The  STAZIONE  West of the Centre right at the train station – expensive goes accordingly to the hours and first hours are more expensive.

You may use Google Maps or for directions and please give us a ring before getting too lost (055 21 14 38) , we will help you out and not delaying the check-in.

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