Car Parking In Florence

You can appreciate that driving  in a 15th Century City it is not something to recommend so therefore try to take the easier option and according to your point of access to the city please try to leave the car as soon as you can – you shouldn’t need the car staying with us in the middle of the pedestrian area of the Florence.

The  main thing is that you should never try to drive directly to DeiMori – this is very stressful and very illegal as you will drive through a veryu heavily pedestrianised route.  Further, there are optical number plate recognition cameras all over and you will be fined (maybe through your hire car company who will make things even worse by adding a ‘service charge’ to the fine.  Beware, it can cost hundreds.  The limit to which you can drive is quite clear, there are red lights and notices in English.  Despite this, every year we have several very stressed guests who ‘just want to drop off their luggage’.  Much cheaper and easier to park and take a taxi to us.

There are free parking spaces outside the centre around the major avenues and on Piazzale Michelangelo.  Please, it is up to you to assess the suitability and legality of the ‘free parking place’ you find.  Most are fine but beware that there is quite a keen attitude towards weekly street cleaning and cars in the way are liable to be towed.  Local people will know when the streets are due to be cleaned, you may not.

The Bargello Garage is the private garage nearest to us ,  it is just two minutes walk far from here in Via Ghibellina 170/red and costs from 25Euro per night depending on the size of the car . They close only on Sunday for a lunch break from Noon to 3PM .  They are in the restricted area, but so long as you are sure you are going to park with them, they will ‘legalise’ your car.

There are many public car parks dotted around the city and you can find out about these by clicking this link.

Please use Google Maps or for directions and give us a ring before getting too lost or wasting too much time on finding your way.  These days, Sat Navs make life so much easier.



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