Two Weeks in Tuscany Walks La Massa – the road to Poggio Vertelli

La Massa – the road to Poggio Vertelli

Look at the map – this shows the route:

A beautiful walk from DeiMori La Massa Bed and Breakfast in Tuscany – click the link to a map, it will open in a new window

Leave the house via the driveway and at the gate make a right up the hill.

Continue for about 30 minutes until you reach the top and the hamlet of Poggio Vertelli.

Continue to follow the single track road as it winds up and down, round and round and you come to a small T junction.  Make a left here and continue to the next T junction where you make a right signed for Rifiglio.

Continue downhill for about 4 km – there will be occasional traffic here so take care.

At the village of Rifiglio continue to the main road ( I use the term reservedly, there is traffic but not a great deal.  Turn right and continue for about 3Km following signs for Montemignaio.

Carry on up the hill and you will come to the right turn for Vertelli (there is a sign).

Follow the single track road down to the river bed and back up to the house.

The whole walk is on a good surface – there are about 2km of white road.

Much of the walk is on roads with little traffic, but do take care particularly on blind bends.

The phone number at La Massa is 0575 57 27 42 – some of the walk may be out of cell phone coverage.

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