The Food Markets

There is great food shopping in Florence and people like to visit to Mercato Centrale in the San Lorenzo area of the city.  This is a collection of stalls and is open from 07:00 until 14:00.  You can buy there, you can try there and they will shrink wrap.  This all comes at a price and better bargains can be found at Sant’ambrogio food market about 7 or 8 minutes from DeiMori.

This is less sanitised and I call it the ‘Mommas Market’.  It is where the Florentine Mommas go and woe betide anyone who gives them a bad apple.  You can buy an interesting lunch there.

To find it, make a left out of DeiMori front door, walk to the end of the street and make a left and then right into Borgo Albizi.  Continue straight until you get to the market – a great experience.

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