Two Weeks in Tuscany Shopping Shopping in Our Local Village

Shopping in Our Local Village

Shopping Locally:

There are a wide variety of food shops in the nearest large village of Strada.  Here you will find small supermarkets, grocers (alimentari), fruit shops, a pharmacy, bakers, tobacconists, hairdressers, hardware stores etc etc.

The shops are open from quite early in the morning to about 7.00 in the evening.  They close for a fairly longish lunch siesta from about 12.30pm until 3.30.  In addition, the food stores close on a Wednesday afternoon. Most are open on a Sunday Morning – particularly during the holiday season.

To reach Strada, turn right out of the gate, go down the lane towards the main road and then make a left.  Follow the main road down hill for about five or six minutes until you reach the village of Strada.

As you approach the village, on the left you will see Alimentari Casentino – this is a wooden structure, somewhat like a chalet.  This is run by Lorenzo and Christina and they tend to sell ‘high end’ food.  They focus on quality but naturally, their prices can reflect this.  Nevertheless, a great shopping experience, they are very helpful and willing to let you ‘try before you buy’.  Tell them you have come from Peter and Danny at Vertelli, you often get a bottle of wine.

Passing this shop, the road turns to the right and you approach the main village.  On the right is an excellent dry cleaners and further down on the right is Ortofruita – a good fruit shop – fresh, good quality and a decent range.  Also, he is very obliging.

On the corner is a bar turn right down the old street and on the right amongst other shops you will see a butchers – this is the one we use.  Further on, is another fruit and flower shop – often a smell of cigarettes in there, puts us off.  Then a pharmacy, hairdressers etc.

On the left is a bakers and grocery store with a very good ‘deli’ counter.  This shop is famous locally for excellent bread, pastries and cakes.

Opposite is a newsagents and tobacconist and next door is a ferramanta (ironmongers)

Turn right again and you will come into the old square with post office and and a nice bar and gelateria.

Additionally after you enter the village, where you have turned right after Alimentari Casentino, rather than going straight on, veer left towards Arezzo.  You will pass Lele’s Pizza (superb) and then go pass the school on the left and following you will see a sign for Forno Bottega. Turn left and park and there is a very good small supermarket with two very ‘smiley ladies’.

On a Saturday morning, there is an excellent ‘fish van’ in the square near the Town Hall.

You can park either in the main square by the Town Hall or in the old piazza in the centre of the village.  Additionally, there is ‘on street’ parking in the obvious places.

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