Two Weeks in Tuscany Restaurants Another great place to eat

Another great place to eat

on the journey between La Massa and Florence.

It is called Bar Consuma and not surprisingly can be found in the village of Consuma at the summit of the  Pass of the same name (1054 metres), the pass which joins Florence and La Massa.

They do great sandwich lunches (or more accurately Schiacciata lunches).  This is flat bread, dimpled and containing olive oil and is very tasty as a bread.  Add a filling of tomato and mozzarella, or maybe porcini mushrooms or local cured ham and you have a fine feast.  They serve a wide variety and couple this with a glass of house red (rough but gutsy and good) and then a coffee and one of their delicious pieces of cake (all on display) and you have a good, tasty yet simple meal for not a lot of money.  I just love it, tomato and mozzarella schiacciata, a glass of rough red and a coffee – perfect.  Give it a go!


  • Go into the bar and pass around the coffee part to the food serving section behind.
  • If it is busy they sometimes operate a ‘number system’ – in this case, be sure to take  a ticket when you arrive.
  • The staff will help you with your selection – you will be asked if you want to eat in or take away.
  • Once all is done, go to the cashier to pay for your food, collect it and order your drinks.
  • They serve great cheese and ham – you can of course buy this to take home.
  • You can eat outside or in their dining room,
  • Go to the dining room to collect your own glasses, cutlery, napkins etc.
  • It is polite to take your dirty tray back to them – they appreciate the help as they can be busy.
  • They are open long hours but do often close on a Wednesday.
  • Like many places they do ‘chiuso per ferie’ (close for holidays ‘at the drop of a hat’)

If you are travelling from Florence:

Climb for about 20 minutes and you will see the village of Consuma clearly marked.  As you enter the village, you will pass an ERG petrol station on the left.  About 200 metres further on and still on the left is Bar Consuma.  You can park on the roadside on the right or turn left immediately prior into a car park.

If you are travelling from La Massa:

Climb for about 20 minutes and you will reach the village of Consuma and the summit.  As you descend, about 300 metres on the right you will see Bar Consuma.  Park on the left or make a right turn immediately after the bar into a car park.

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